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  • KL-P CCD Full Vision Laser Cutting Machine For printed fabric sheets
       KL-1812P Large-scale visual positioning laser cutting machine is widely used in the printing market. This machine can quickly identify a variety of complex patterns and to be with high precise positioning of cutting, especially for the elastic fabric ,Which is can recognize the deformation when the elastic fabric with deformation on printing or feeding process , This machine can achieve automatically correct graphics, high-precision search Edge to cut . In addition, Which can also template cutting, a camera, mufti-version cutting, cutting faster than ordinary CCD positioning .

    1, With large format Camera shooting, high accuracy recognition
    2, Easy to cutting large format design .
    3, Automatically identify the graphics profile, the software automatically identify, deformation patterns can also be easily and accurately cut;
    4, Easy to recognize the deformation graphic of printed fabrics and a variety of textile fabrics
    5, High precision to cutting a variety of thickness materials without the need for high-precision centering 6, with automatic feeding device (optional)
    7, Adopt the world's leading identification technology, the system response speed; 8, With many cutting mode, support different occasions;
    9, No need stitching, small size or big size is easy for cutting.

  •  Technique Parameter
  • Model    KL-1812P  
    Working Platform Size    1800x1200mm
    Laser power    100w  
    Laser type    co2 sealed glass tube      
    Controlling system   Original full vision CCD System
    Camera Pixel  Cannon   13 million Pixel
    Focus    EF-518-55MM f/3.5-5.6 IS II
    Table Type   High Strong Stainless steel crawler working platform
    Software Format Support  CorelDraw,Photoshop,AutoCAD, etc     
    Graphic Format Support   AI, PLT,BMP, DXF, DST
    Process Material : Non-metalMaterials
    Max Cutting speed  300mm/s
    moving system  CNC Control unit
    cooling mde  High Force Industry Water cool
    Max Engraving speed  500mm/s
    Format Cutting Precision  Accuracy ±2mm   1610 is 0.5mm
    Min.Cutting Character  English Letter 2mm
    Max.Cutting Depth 0-25mm(it’s up to the material)
    Working Temperature  0-35°C
    Work Humidity  5-95%
    Working Power  220V/50Hz/60Hz/2kVA, 110V/50Hz/60Hz/2kVA
    Machine Size  2410x1848x1085mm
    Weight  1300KGS    
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