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  • 63A Plasma Metal Cutting Machine
    Machine Introduction:
    The Model KLXH-1530 Plasma Cutting Machine with 63A Huayuan Plasma Power Supply,With CNC motor and linear guideway,Fastest running speed is 12M / min,Max Cutting thickness is 8mm.
    Advantage Features:
      CNC plasma cutting machine adopts bilateral drive, stable operation, good configuration and high working efficiency.It is wildly used for cutting large, medium and small steel plates of various special-shaped carbon steel, manganese steel, stainless steel and other metal materials.
    Cutting shape: Programmable cutting of any shape steel plate parts composed of straight lines and arcs
    Cutting method: flame / plasma
    Drive method: bilateral drive, cutting torch configuration: standard equipped with 1 optional flame or plasma cutting torch, can also be customized according to user needs.
    Cutting thickness: the flame can cut a maximum of 200mm, the plasma cutting thickness depends on the selected power source size
    Ignition height adjustment: automatic ignition, electric height adjustment, capacitor or arc pressure type automatic height adjustment can be selected according to user requirements;
    CNC programming: Full-automatic graphical programming software based on AutoCAD
    Effective cutting width: 1.5-3m
    Effective cutting length: 3-10m
    CNC system: Beijing CNC system
    Flame cutting torch: CNC professional flame cutting torch plasma power supply
    Follow the user's needs optional torch lifting stroke: 200mm
    Idling speed: 0-1000mm / min
    Cutting speed: 0-6000mm / min
    Flame cutting thickness: 5-300mm depending on the size of the plasma power supply
    Gas type: oxygen + acetylene or propane or natural gas
    Low-grade type: H-shaped steel or cement foundation, standard configuration is H

  •  Technique Parameter
  • Model KLXH-1530
    Cutting Area Width 1500mmx Length 3000mm
    Cutting Thickness 1-8mm
    Cutting Head Lift Hight 120mm
    Cutting speed 0-4000 (mm / min)
    Machine running speed (mm / min) As Per the exact material thickness
    Repead Precision ≤±5
    Power Supply AC220V ± 10%, 50HZ
    Positioning Accuracy ≤±5
    Auto Lift adjust accuracy (mm) ≤±1.0mm
    Longitudinal straight line accuracy ±0.5mm/10m
    Linear repeat accuracy ±0.5mm/10m
    Rail mounting accuracy 1) .Straightness of side of guide rail: 0.5mm / 10000mm
    2) .Parallelism of longitudinal rail surface and horizontal plane: ± 0.5mm / 10000mm
    Intersection offset/Straightness/Roundness ±0.5mm
    A) Equipment positioning accuracy and repeatability: in line with JB / T5102-1999 standard
    B) Cutting dimensional accuracy and cutting surface quality: in line with JB / T10045.3-1999 standard
    Diagonal difference ±0.5mm
    Repeatability ±0.5mm
    Machine marking accuracy ≤1.0mm
    Cutting surface quality (roughness)
    (Select δ = 25 sheet)
    Rz (um) = 70 + 1.2a
    Visual inspection: Roughness 12.5

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