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  • KLHY-100JW Laser Jewelry Welding Machine
    优势特点/Advantage Features
    Ⅰ  采用进口陶瓷聚光腔,焊点精细,均匀性好。聚光性好,光电转化率高,能有效保障激光强度稳定
    Ⅱ  配手动摇杆调节光斑大小,方便使用。
    Ⅲ  激光电源自主研发设计,具有更高的单点脉冲能量。加工速度快,长时间输出无衰减,高效。布线简洁合理,防干扰能量强。
    Ⅳ  采用品牌奥迪显微镜,10X放大倍数,高清线,易于观察,焊接操作更方便,效果更好 
    V  机柜设计更具人性化,长时间工作疲劳度有效降低。
    ● Adopt imported ceramic concentrating cavity with fine solder joints and good uniformity. Good concentrating, high photoelectric conversion rate, can effectively guarantee the stability of laser intensity
    ● With a manual rocker to adjust the spot size, easy to use.
    ● Laser power supply independently developed and designed with higher single point pulse energy. Fast processing speed, long-term output without attenuation, and high efficiency. The wiring is simple and reasonable, and the anti-interference energy is strong.
    ● Adopt Audi Brand microscope, 10X magnification, HD line, easy to observe, more convenient welding operation, better processing effect.
    ● Use the digital control system, capacitive touch screen, more sensitive than traditional screen, user-friendly parameter interface, intuitive display, easy to operate.
    ● The cabinet design is more Humanize, long-term work with less fatigue 

  •  Technique Parameter
  • 型号/Model:    KLHY-100JW
    Single Puls Energy:
    激光类型/Laser Type: Nd:YAG
    激光波长/Laser Wavelength: 1064nm
    激光功率/Laser Power: 100w/150w/200w (Customizable)
    焊丝直径/Max Puls Energy: 0.1-0.6mm
    焊接深度/Welding Depth:   2mm (As Per Exact Material)
    激光输出焦距/Laser Output Focus Length:   80/100/120mm
    脉冲频率/Puls Frequncy:   ≤30Hz
    激光脉宽/Puls Width: ≤15ms
    光斑调节范围/Spot Adjustable Area: 0.1-3mm
    能量波动性/Energy volatility: <土8%
    定位方式/Position Method: 红光指示Red Light,CCD Monitor,
    Microscope (Optional)
    定位精度/Position Precision: 0.2mm
    操作平台/Operate Table DSP/PLC
    辅助气体/Auxiliary Gas: 氩气(1路)Argon (1 way)
    冷却方式/Cooling Type:   外置水冷/High Force Water Cooling
    电力要求/Power Supply :  AC380V士5%50Hz/60Hz
    整机耗电/Power Consumption: 5.5KW

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